Best level 10-30 pet are Boars

My Night Elf hunter reached level 10 today. Unlike the retail version of Warcraft, the first hunters don’t learn the ability to tame beasts until level 10. For some reason hunters typically tame beasts around them. Most hunters have not figured out pet abilities, which could leave you at a significant disadvantage to other hunters.

So being OG, my Nelf instead started a very long journey to Westfall, and to tame a yellow mane boar. Why bother taming a boar, one word “CHARGE!” Sure cats have a slightly higher damage bonus, and attack speed, but that’s Endgame thinking. For leveling your hunter from 10-30, you can’t beat a boar with charge (get Charge 2).

Boars have three amazing benefits:

First it is the fastest method to get your pet into battle, and significantly faster than Dash. This reduces time between killing mobs, and most times your boar will get first hit on the mob. First hit is important for the pet to hold aggro on packs of mobs (as your pet will be first on the aggro table).

Secondly, Charge immobilizes the target in it’s tracks. This is perfect when pulling mobs toward you, when timed right, charge will stop the target far enough away to allow the use of ranged weapons. Cats w/ growl tend to yo-yo the mob, sometimes interrupting autoshots or canceling ranged spells.

Third Charge provides an AP bonus (112% at level 20) on the boars next hit, typically bite. This ultimately increases the boars damage closer to that of a cat.

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